Best LED Truck Bed Lights (2023 Review)

Truck bed lights have been increasing in popularity with the lowering cost of LEDs. A quick Google search will yield hundreds of different products and setups with a large range of prices.

With so much to choose from, which product is right for you?

Our Best LED Truck Bed Lights

  1. Robin Electronics One-Touch On/Off LED Bed Light (2 Pack) (Our Top Pick)
  2. Xprite Truck Pickup Bed Light Kit (Best Budget)
  3. OPT7 AURA 8pc Truck Bed LED Lighting Kit (Best High End)
  4. Megulla Truck Bed Light Strips
  5. LinkStyle RGB Truck Bed Light

What Are LED Truck Bed Lights?

Whether you simply need a little extra light to see what you’re grabbing from your truck bed or you want to impress a crowd with a light show, there’s a truck bed light that will fit your needs. 

LED truck bed lights are exactly what they sound like, a LED light that can be attached to just about anywhere in the cargo space of a pickup truck for a variety of uses. 

There are endless designs and functions available on Amazon, but a few types have become commonly used. 

What Are The Different Types Of LED Truck Bed Lights?

The two most common products on Amazon are LED light strips and LED lighting pods, both of these are not to be mistaken with a light bar which is a larger and brighter LED usually on the cab or bumper of a truck. 

Light strips are flexible lights that usually come in 60†lengths with an adhesive tape backing, but they can also be mounted with brackets or zip ties. 

LED pods are individually encased LEDs strung together, think of them like mountable LED Christmas lights. They can be modular, and they are mounted with adhesive tape, screws, or brackets.

How Do LED Bed Lights Work?

A light emitting diode (LED) creates a bright light when power is applied, but it uses significantly less energy than a typical halogen or incandescent light. 

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A LED light made specifically for truck beds is usually powered by the 12v power source from the truck’s battery, although some DIY kits have separate battery packs. 

LED bed lights are made specifically for automotive use; they usually have strong 3M adhesive, are made to fit under the bed rail, and are durable and weatherproof. 

They are activated in many ways such as wired to the dome light, tail lights, an interior on/off switch, a tailgate switch, or by a wireless remote control. 

If you want more information on LEDs, click here to learn about LED lighting

What Do You Look For In The Best LED Bed Lights?

What makes a good LED truck bed light is rather subjective and comes down to individual preference. Even the fact of having a roll up tonneau cover or not greatly changes which lights would be best. 

That being said, there are a few attributes that make any truck bed lighting kit better than others. Anyone would agree that easy installation trumps a mess of wires and connections, and a bright LED giving off more lumens is preferable to a dimly lit truck bed. 

Durability is a large factor when looking at lighting kits because a poor lifespan = a poor product. 

Lastly, I look for the amount of features a kit includes such as RGB (multi-color) functionality, versatility of installation methods, and OEM connectors to add or subtract lights as needed.

Best LED Truck Bed Lights Reviewed. 

1. Robin Electronics One-Touch On/Off LED Bed Light (Our Top Pick)

Robin Electronics One-Touch On/Off LED Bed Light

Our top pick for the best LED truck bed light kit is the Robin Electronics Easy Touch On/Off Light Set. These lights closely resemble high quality OEM bed lights you would find in newer trucks today. 

With simplicity and functionality as the main design factors, this 2 lamp system provides all the white light you need to illuminate the bed. 

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The instructions provide different mounting methods, and they make any needed wiring as straightforward as possible. The plug-n-play feature also allows you to add on to the kit for more options down the road. 



  • Non-RGB (Only come in white light)
  • Not hands free (Touch to enable)

Buy The Robin Electronics One-Touch On/Off LED Bed Light on Amazon

2. Xprite Truck Pickup Bed Light Kit (Best Budget)

Xprite Truck Pickup Bed Light Kit

Our best budget truck bed lighting system is the Xprite Truck Bed Light Kit. At a relatively inexpensive price point, these lights still pack a punch. 

These super bright SMD LEDs are designed for a variety of uses. With 21 feet of wire, accompanied by their slim discrete enclosure, they can be installed in the interior or exterior. 


  • IP67 waterproof
  • Toggle switch included
  • Multiple color options


  • No instructions

Buy The Xprite Truck Pickup Bed Light Kit on Amazon

3. OPT7 AURA 8pc Truck Bed LED Lighting Kit (Best High End)

OPT7 AURA 8pc Truck Bed LED Lighting Kit

Our pick for the best high-end light kit is the OPT7 AURA Truck Bed LED Pod Kit. This kit comes with every option you could want ranging from 16 different colors, a wireless remote, IP67 silicone seals, 2 switch options, and SOUNDSYNC. 

Whether you need some additional cargo lighting or want to show off the bass sensitive multi-color SOUNDSYNC feature, this kit will be able to do it. 


  • RGB
  • Remote control
  • Included 3M tape


  • More complex wiring options

Buy The OPT7 AURA 8pc Truck Bed LED Lighting Kit

4. Megulla Truck Bed Light Strips

Megulla Truck Bed Light Strips

Coming in at #4 on our list, Megulla Truck Bed Light Strips come in a package of 2 60†flexible strips with 3M adhesive backing, similar to a MICTUNING or LEDGLOW product, but at a competitive price point. 

The kit also comes with a splitter cable, other mounting options, a built-in on/off switch, and a built in blade fuse to protect from an overloaded circuit. 

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This kit is similar to #1 on our list in terms of functionality and features, such as emitting a bright white light, but it lacks in quality comparatively. 


  • Built-in blade fuse
  • Easy installation
  • 2-year warranty


  • Not multi-color

Buy The Megulla Truck Bed Light Strips on Amazon

5. LinkStyle RGB Truck Bed Light

LinkStyle RGB Truck Bed Light

Rounding out our list at #5 is the LinkStyle RGB Truck Bed Light Kit. These lights work similarly to #3 on the list, but they are a lower price point and lower quality. 

Without an IP67 rating, it is difficult to determine how well this kit would hold up in adverse weather conditions or off-road conditions. 

This kit does not come with multiple switches and accessories such as #3 on the list, but at a lower price, these lights would be great for a beginner wanting to try out LED lighting kits, especially since they are still RGB LEDs with a remote to customize your look. 


  • RGB
  • Remote control


  • Lower quality
  • Limited accessories

Buy The LinkStyle RGB Truck Bed Light on Amazon

Final Thoughts On LED Truck Bed Lighting

Once again, the type of LED truck bed lighting you purchase boils down to personal preference and budget. 

A couple important decisions you should make before going shopping are what you’ll be using the lights for and how you’ll be using your truck. 

An ultra-bright LED with multiple colors isn’t needed if you just want to supplement your existing cargo lights, and RGB lights are a must if you want to accent the existing colors of your truck.

There’s an endless amount of kits on Amazon to light up your truck bed cargo, and hopefully this buyer’s guide will help you narrow down that search.